Inscryption Game

  • Developer: Daniel Mullins Games
  • Genre: Roguelike deck-building
  • Version: V0.34
User Rating: Rating 4.40

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Release Date
Oct 19, 2021
Daniel Mullins Games
Devolver Digital
Roguelike deck-building
Windows PC, macOS, Linux


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Michael Moore

Inscryption is a roguelike deck-building game developed by Daniel Mullins Games and published by Devolver Digital. Software is set in a cabin where the player tries to escape by beating  demonic force in a card game. Product is played from a top-down perspective, player interacts with a shadowy, hostile dealer. Application offers a single player campaign, a multiplayer mode. Campaign consists of a deck-building game and a roguelike element. Player must beat dealer in order to get out of cabin. Program has a pixel art style, with a soundtrack featuring chiptune music, sound effects, Inscryption free download offers single player campaign, multiplayer mode. Campaign consists of deck-building game, roguelike element.


Graphics are pixel art and seem to stay true to card game-based roots. Player's character is pixelated with simple movement, game's interface is simple. Card art is well drawn and NPCs are well-designed, Inscryption PC has a pixelated art style with animations that are created using "cel shaded" design. Software uses a combination of simple, low-color backgrounds, more detailed foregrounds. Product is set in a cabin where user tries to escape by beating a demonic force in a card program. Program is presented in a top-down perspective, features pixel art graphics. Graphics of Inscryption download free are pixel based, apps default resolution is 1080p. Graphics are not too complex, but they are not too simple. Gameplay of soft is very fun. Software is a roguelike deck-building product, so player can only play game one time, outcome of product is not known to person. Software is a roguelike so user can collect voucher, build decks to help them escape. Player can find other cards, help them too. However, person can find death vouchers which kill player. Multiplayer of Inscryption game free download is not able to be played by player. Software can be played by one person. Replayability of application is that gameplay, software are both very different every time user plays game. Product is very replayable. Graphics of soft are very good, gameplay is very fun.


Software Inscryption online is a roguelike game where player progresses by winning rounds of card game. As player progresses, they find vouchers which can help them in their escape. Cards provide narrative, advice to player. Gameplay is divided into rounds. A round starts with user deck of cards and an opponent's deck of vouchers being shuffled. Opponent is controlled by app, player's vouchers are drawn automatically. Person plays cards in chosen order to make a "deck." If a voucher is played, user may choose to "fill" it with more cards from deck. Person must win soft by winning three rounds. User starts with a deck of cards they can improve by either buying new cards or defeating enemies. Software is turn-based and has a single player mode, Inscryption play free is a roguelike deck-building game with a story that is told through cards, apps various locations. Person can choose to play as one of four different Scrybes, who each have their own unique style of gameplay, cards. User must explore cabin, defeat enemies, solve puzzles to continue, eventually defeat Dealer.


Product is replayable as players can choose which card to play as by beating each in a series of rounds. Player has option to play with a different set of vouchers. Software Inscryption game download free contains a lot of content, each playthrough may vary significantly. Every playthrough, player is able to make different decisions, application has a lot of different cards, decks. Additionally, player can unlock new vouchers, decks as they progress.


  • How does player play Inscryption free?
    Player begins their game by choosing a Scrybe to play as, then playing a series of rounds against Dealer. Dealer is opponent of player's Scrybe, is portrayed in application with a mask made of wood.
  • What are extra cards?
    Contains a set of vouchers that are only in this game including Stinkbug, Stunted Wolf, Stoat.
  • What are minimum system requirements for this game?
    Has a Windows requirement of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.


Overall, download Inscryption free is a challenging game for anyone who enjoys card games or roguelike RPGs. It is recommended for those who enjoy games that require a lot of challenge, replayability. Software is different every time because player starts with a deck of six random cards, dealer has a different deck of cards. PErson could go through application in different ways.


  • Interesting premise;
  • Clever writing;
  • Solid pixel art graphics;
  • Roguelike card-game;
  • Challenging gameplay;
  • Tons of replay value;
  • It's a deck-building game;
  • It has a good tutorial.


  • No difficulty settings;
  • Sometimes unfair;
  • Some mechanics are not explained;
  • Some voucher abilities are not explained;
  • Strange, unexplained bugs.

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